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Cling on!.

Aye well,
             Since AO-7 became popular again there have been quite a few 
Klingons joining us.

You should have heard it this morning ... (ok, I'll give you that it's 

I'm convinced the poor operating proceedure is instigated by the bedlam of a 
certain FM "me too, me too!" satellite ... (FM capture effect, one-at-a-time 

Err! ...

How can it be that people who havn't got the gumption to realise that the 
astronauts are the main heat source in a spacesuit  ... can be responsible 
for an organisation like Amsat?.

I  wonder who/what they'll blame this one on.

... but it's cold in space? ... (wow!, I didn't know that).

Yep, another boo -boo. If Amsat continue to shoot themselves in the foot 
like this they won't have a leg to stand on soon ... (think about the 

Laughing stock on Al Jazeera? ... how surprising!.

Amateur radio license? ... self training? ... communications? ... gerroff!.

73 John.   <la2qaa@amsat.org>
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