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Suitsat - seems to be alive - barely


Believe suitsat is alive but alive does not mean performing as expected.

Sat Jan 4 2006 09:02 UTC pass over East Pa in USA had max elev of 75 deg.

On this pass I monitored 2 frequencies:

145.990 - monitored by using  my kit for NOAA WX sat reception (Icom R-7000
receiver, turnstile cut for 137 mhz and mounted 6 feet above ground, 50 
of RG-8) - I added an ARR SP144 2 mtr preamp for suitsat reception. The  
R7000 was set for CW reception because news and chatter indicates that 
signal, if it exists, is very weak.  This setup with a 220mhz preamp 
the 144mhz preamp and FFT postprocessing of the audio is capable of 
the moon passing through the NAVSPASUR radar fence (which the moon is 
doing do twice a day through Feb 15).

437.8  - monitored with Kenwood D700 and 2 mtr groundplane under roof with
minimal feed line.

Recorded 145.99 audio from R-7000 receiver on laptop starting at 08:55Z
and ending at 09:06Z.  Definitely heard a brief (about 30 sec) but very 
signal by virtue of CW mode beat note on 145.990mhz.

Nothing was heard on 437.8mhz.

Post processed audio using baudline (FFT utility) in a Linux environment.  
Spectrogram shows a doppler shifted signal - approximate visual signal on
the spectrogram begins at 09:00:26Z and ends at about 09:02:05.
Clock on Linux box is synced to NTP pool (via dialup connection) - the
resulting clock accuracy is usually +- 5sec or better.

Based on this I suspect that suitsat is transmitting a rather weak
signal on 145.99 and that someone with some antenna gain and tracking
capability should be able to hear suitsat and gather telem data.

I can upload audio file and screen capture of spectrogram if someone can
point me to some place on the AMSAT site that is intended for general


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