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Suitsat over VK6

I listened the last two passes , details as follows

06:39 utc  elev 22  az 31  range 1033 kms  on 145.991 usb  weak tones
06:41 utc   elev 22 az 31  range  806 kms  on 145.988 lsb  weak tones , 
poss cw.

08:14 utc  elev 12  az 258 range  1182 kms on 145.898 lsb weak tones
08: 16 utc  lev 18  az 208  range  933 kms  on 145 897 usb  weak tones
08: 18 utc elev 9   az 167  range 1346 kms on 145.899 cw definate cw but 

Equipment is Icom IC 910 and Icom IC 275 both  connected to a 9 ele 
vertical yagi on HEO sat tracking system.
I also heard the Russian link on 143.625 at the same time on separate 
vertical antenna on 2 occaisions.
So it looks as though it isn't dead but it sure isn't healthy

73 de Keith
Amsat 35338
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