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Re: Suitsat

Hi all.
Only a personal opinion, but there does appear to have been a malfunction  of 
some sort.
On the 04.26 pass here in the UK  no signals were detected on FM so I  
decided to get a little more serious for the next pass at 06.00 which was almost  
Using the weak signal software  "Spectran" from I2PHD and using SSB I  did 
detect a modulated signal followed by a strong carrier for the last few  (5?) 
seconds of one of the transmit periods. Moving with doppler - So  the good news 
is that it appears to be transmitting a normal  sequence.
I say strong carrier.........but spectran is used to detect EME signals  that 
are below normal hearing threshold so in real terms this was very very  weak, 
the sort of signal I would expect from a milliwatt or two.
So, get those beams out when it arrives over the USA in a few hours  time.
(Maybe a quick call to W5UN or Al Katz will get some readable telemetry on  
their EME arrays)
Good luck to all
David  G0MRF
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