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LUSAT-1 always illuminated - Help needed.

LUSAT-1 ascending node's angle respect with the sun, show a movement of 
about 75 degrees to the west with respect to the original sun 
sinchronous orbit.
In the early days, LUSAT-1 and the other Microsat's passes where at noon 
and at midnight, now the passes are just after sunrise and just after 
This makes that the satellite is now illuminated by the sun during the 
whole orbit.
It will be useful to watch the CW Beacon telemetry to realize if there 
is an increase in the temperature that may damage the CW Beacon, which 
is still working after 16 years.
Amsat LU will be grateful to receive CW Telemetry data from LUSAT CW 
Beacon in 437,125 MHz.
Please send the received data to info@amsat.org.ar.
Marcelino J. Garcia - LU7DSU 
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