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RE: beware the suitsat hoax!

On 3 Feb 2006 at 21:31, almetco wrote:

> Luc,
> Where is the Report page?  I've been looking for one.  Is it on AMSAT.
> It appears north America is late tonight and early tomorrow.  Any good
> passes on your end.  Here in Pittsburgh, an 82 degree pass at 10:20A.M
> tomorrow (Saturday)
> Thanks
> Greg
>  here in NA but a Straight Listening Night...SLN

http://suitsat.org/report_form.html                to send your report
http://www.suitsat.org/                                to get the results

OK1AR 	00:00:03:26		 	 	 	no signal at 02,55, at 01,22 also negative 
IK1SLD 	00:00:03:37		 	 	 	Nothing heard. Using an Arrow and a preamplifier. 
Max elev. 21° 
QS - 915 	00:00:03:52		 	 	 	Hoping & Waiting 
DK3WN 	00:00:08:01		 	 	 	nothing heard 
9A4QV 	00:00:09:18		 	 	 	Nothing heard on 145.990 nor 437.800, 143.625 very 
9A8MM 	00:00:10:33		 	 0	 	SuitSat not heard, 143.625 MHz was 59+10 
915-Eastern-Iow 	00:00:10:55		 	 	 	Still Waiting & Tracking 
DO2FOX 	00:00:11:37		 	 	 	No Signal here in Frankfurt a.M. :-( 
9A8MM 	00:00:11:53		 	 	 	SuitSat not heard, 143.625 MHz was 59+10 
YU7CD 	00:00:12:48		 	 	 	no signal but very strongly on 143.625 :( 
g1egz 	00:00:13:13	2	 	 	 	tones, and noise heard..not able to decypher 
DL4LZX 	00:00:14:05		 	 	 	nothing, just nothing :-( 
IQ3ME 	00:00:15:48		 	 	 	NIL on VHF/UHF strong voice on ISS-COM to TsUP 
9A7P 	00:00:16:10		 	 	 	nothing in croatia :-( 
PB0AAQ 	00:00:16:40		 	 	 	02:57z EL:6.3 NoSignal Utrecht Vy Pity ! 
i0qm 	00:00:16:40	5	 	 	 	voice chanel only 
it9gsv 	00:00:17:43	1	 	 	 	only 1sec of voice very poor signal 
wolwd 	00:00:17:58		 	 	 	nothing yet, still hopeful 
DJ3AK 	00:00:18:55		 	 	 	sri.. nothing heard 
EA3CVY 	00:00:19:45	1	 	 	 	Noise level 
M0CKY/P 	00:00:19:53		 	 	 	Nothing heard above noise floor in Barnsley 
EA3CVY 	00:00:19:54	1	 	 	 	Noise level 
mace 	00:00:20:28		 	 	 	no signal in Czech republic 
EB8AUU 	00:00:21:03		 	 	 	No signal over Canary Islands. 
PP2RON 	00:00:21:15		 	 	 	 
PY4ZBZ 	00:00:23:19		 	 	 	NO SIGNAL 
KI4MMZ 	00:00:25:16	1	 	 	 	just make out voice for approx two seconds using 
pre amp not positive ID sounded like W>D. 
PP2RON 	00:00:29:09		 	 	 	Nothing heard in central Brazil 
PP5FMM 	00:00:35:49		 	 	 	No signal over BRAZIL - Sta Catarina isl. 
LU8DC 	00:00:37:27		 	 	 	No Signal 
CE3TMM 	00:00:37:44		 	 	 	NO SIGNAL 
PT2TD 	00:00:38:21		 	 	 	No signal 
PT7ZHD 	00:00:38:33		 	 	 	nothing on GP-antenna 
ZZ1ARE 	00:00:40:06		 	 	 	SORRY. NO SIGNAL. 
LU5EGY 	00:00:45:25		 	 	 	No signal heard in Buenos Aires 
lw3ewz 	00:00:47:35	5	 	 	 	only packet  
CE3TMM 	00:00:48:08		 	 	 	NOT SIGNAL 
LW3DRH 	00:00:49:12		 	 	 	No signal over my QTH in Tandil City (Argentina) 
LU4FDV 	00:00:51:42		 	 	 	No signal 02,00 to 02,20 UTC 
ZL1AOX 	00:00:59:02	1	 	 	 	No signal heard 02:04 to 02:08z 4th Feb 2006 
EA4JJ 	00:01:26:41	1	 	 	 	 
JH3XCU/1 	00:01:30:00		 	 	 	Nothing heard, Max. elevation 66 degrees 
SWL (SQ5) 	00:01:42:27		 	 	 	no signal heard 
sw1lhp 	00:01:42:43	1	 	 	 	very very weak signal 
TA1D 	00:01:44:29	1	 	 	 	vy pity vy poor signal not enought for picture copy. 
IZ6BYY 	00:01:50:14	1	 	 	 	Barely noticeable - 4.3 degrees elevation 
5B4AGL 	00:01:50:27	1	 	 	 	very weak signal 
ha5ts 	00:01:51:48	1	 	 	 	vy weak meanwhile 143.625 MHz was booming 
cx1th 	00:02:06:36	1	 	 	 	very small signal  
LW3DRH 	00:02:23:45	1	 	 	 	I was listening a short burst of CW signal 
JH3XCU/1 	00:03:06:31	1	 	 	 	still very weak 
JH3XCU/1 	00:03:09:02	1	 	 	 	weak signal 
lu2xpk 	01:13:33:18	1	 	 	 	very small signal  

I will go to bed early to try to be awakened up on the night pass...I will have 
to postponed SSTV test with Jean-Pierre but i will try to give it a try during 
the night.

Rx or not it is a wonderfull experience to see the floating thunbling hot air 
suit. I guess Valery was in the hurrry to throw the TR can due to the late sked 
and the gently push was transform to a kick style push

"It is not the class of license the amateur holds, but the class of the amateur 
that holds the license."

Luc Leblanc VE2DWE
AMSAT 33583
Skype VE2DWE
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