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Re: non-metallic boom for yagis

This isn't my idea so I can't take credit for it or make any guarantees on 
how well it works but I recall someone suggesting going to a home 
improvement store and getting a length of schedule 80 PVC ( its the gray 
stuff) in the appropriate diameter. I believe it's rigid enough to be used 
alone but there was also the suggestion of possibly hammering a large wooden 
dowel into it to make it more ridgid. I was thinking of trying this method.
Michael, W4HIJ
AMSAT # 36017

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Subject: [amsat-bb] non-metallic boom for yagis

> I'm about to buy a couple of Yagis for mode B. I understand that  mounting 
> them on a metal boom would not be a good idea. I know that  Hy-gain sells 
> a fiberglass boom for $120 (yikes!). But I'd rather go  with something a 
> little cheaper. Any thoughts or ideas?
> 73,
> Carl Yaffey  O----'-::  K8NU
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