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Re: suitsat SSTV software

Quoting "James C. Hall MD" <heartdoc@nwtcc.com>:

> I second Bruce's idea of getting a good presentation to gether that we 
> can all show our clubs.
> 73, Jamie

I think the first step is to capture as much stuff as possible: audio
files, video, and even photos of people enjoying listening to suitsat.
Please remember to bring your cameras to suitsat-related activities! I
wonder if the folks behind www.suitsat.org could also release the photos
there for educational or non-profit purposes.

I see that PowerPoint presentations can have sound added. (I'm a OpenOffice
guy, myself, and it can, too.) That seems an ideal medium to me. We can
jointly work on something general that allows for local variation.

73, Bruce
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