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Re: suitsat SSTV software

Quoting n3wwn@futuretek.cx:

> Thanks, Scott!
> I will have a few GB of free space, so I'll make my recordings and burn
> the wav's to CD without compressing.  That CD could make for a great
> SSTV/satellite/computer demo at a hamfest or club meeting!

I'm planning to do the same. A local youth group would like to work on the
'special words' challenge, but they meet on Fridays, so we probably won't
get to hear SuitSat live. Instead, I'll do a presentation some time in
mid-Feb. including audio and decoding of the SSTV signal. For this, it
would be great if someone captured the video of the launch of SuitSat. We
might want to collaborate on powerpoint presentations, too.

Thanks to everyone for the advice about SSTV and vox recording software. I
tested out my setup today, and everything seems in good shape for recording
SS in the wee hours of Sat. morning.

73, Bruce
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