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Re: W32 and desense

Yikes, didn't know they were that bad.  Never had that problem with  
my TH-79AD.  Had other problems, namely the LCD drive voltages  
leaking over into the transmit audio (which earned me plenty of  
gripes and not-very-helpful "helpful" suggestions on 2m repeaters  
since the buzz was around 60Hz), but didn't have that problem .. ;-)

On Feb 2, 2006, at 1:00 PM, James wrote:

> Unfortunately a W32 is probably the worst idea to have when  
> attaching an external antenna.
> Twin band operations with just the standard rubber dummy antenna is  
> marginal.
> Icom discontinued the W32 because it was a hunk of junk but people  
> kept on asking for it because it was the cheapest true twin band HT  
> radio out on the market. So of course if they can sell a product  
> they will regardless if it is worthless.
> I owned a W32 for 1 day, the intermod and desence was unbelievable.  
> I brought it back and got a T7H.
> http://www.kb7tbt.com
> DM33
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>> It's desensing in crossband full duplex?
>> On Feb 2, 2006, at 11:09 AM, Howard Stephenson - K6IA wrote:
>>> Does anyone have a solution to my desense problem with a new W32A HT
>>> and the arrow beam using the in boom duplexer?  It so bad that I  
>>> can't
>>> hear my downlink.
>>> Howard Stephenson K6IA

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