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Re: pre-amp

On 2/2/06, Dave G1OCN <dave@g1ocn.com> wrote:
> I use an Arrow and the THD7G.
> I have never found a need for a pre-amp.
> Is the RX that bad  on the VX
> I don't use a tripod because I find that it
> limits the ability to find the satellite.
> I have a strong right arm :0)

I use an Arrow and a VX-7R and I can hear SO-50 right down to the horizon if
I'm at a nice high location where I can see the horizon.  It might be only
one bar on the scale (or 5 when AO-51 is right overhead) but it is perfectly
audible.  If I'm at a location in which I can't see the horizon thanks to
some trees or houses then the signal is a lot weaker, but for me workable
down to about 2.5-3 degrees above the horizon here at the home QTH.  A
preamp might help me grab a few more seconds out of a pass, but not sure if
it'd be worth the money to me.  I don't use a tripod either.  It's nice to
be able to grab those extra couple of feet in height using my arm and
sometimes that makes all the difference.  I grip my two HT's (for full
duplex) in my left hand, hold and point the antenna in the right.  I wear
headphones for RX and just speak right into the 2m HT so I keep it on top
and press the PTT.  Works great for me and my right arm probably is a bit
stronger now.  I used to have to switch hands a couple times during passes
but not anymore.  I do get a bit tired when there are 3 satellite passes
right in a row, though!  That's 45 minutes to an hour of holding that thing!

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