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SuitSAT SSTV Images

Seems there is a nice web page set up for reporting of SuitSAT telemetry and 
displaying it on the net. But I was wondering if something could be set up 
for the the collection of SSTV images that might be received from different 
station around the world. A web page where images could be sent to, say with 
a UTC date and time so students and all could see what others might be 

I know my middle school/high school connection would like to see more then 
maybe the one or two images that I might be able to copy during the short 
passes of SuitSAT. Besides, the early passes here in North America are in 
the wee hours of the morning. Not the best time for student involvement. 
Fortunately, for the students sleep sake here, SuitSAT kicks off on a 

Not sure what would involved or how many images would be received. Could be 
a few dozen to who knows how many, maybe hundreds. Any thought from those 
that are computer savvy and familiar with setting something like this up?

Keith N4ZQ/2
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