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Re: suitsat SSTV software

On 2/1/06, n3wwn@futuretek.cx <n3wwn@futuretek.cx> wrote:
> Hi!  I'm planning on using MMSSTV for receiving SuitSat...but I'd like to
> test it first.
> Does anyone have a recording of some SSTV in Robot36 format that I can use
> to test my setup?
> I plan to record the passes with a cassette recorder connected to the
> speaker jack of the 2m receiver and then decode afterwards so I can focus
> on reception during the pass.  Anyone see a problem with doing that?

I have recorded SSTV audio with a cassette recorder in the past and I
find that the signal is very particular to timing.  If the cassette is
played back just at a slightly different speed than recorded, which
even though is an inaudible difference to the ear is enough to mess up
the precise timing used to send the components of the picture.  My
resulting picture was a slanted onewith the colour layers shifted from
their locations.  I was only using an inexpensive tape recorded so
perhaps a professional one would fair better, but I think your best
bet if you can't receive it live on the computer would be to record it
digitally, i.e. with a flash memory type recorder, mini-disc, DAT
tape, etc.

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