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Re: lower frequency downlinks


Andrew said..

>Part of my point was the available power. The Strela buss you mention as 
>the basis for the RS3-8 sats has a mass of 64 kg, compared to a microsat 
>like Echo/AO-51 with a mass of 11 kg. More mass, bigger satellite, more 
>panels, more power. 64 kg is getting close to the size of our HEOs!
Agreed, the STRELA bus is heavy at 64Kgs but sizewise is pretty small. I got 
the orbit height wrong, the rs3-8 birds were nearer 1600Kms circular, not 
the 1000Kms I guessed at.
Modern construction methods could provide a far lighter bird in the same 
physical envelope.

>BTW, what happened to the Russian ham satellite program?

I believe they ran out of money. A great pity IMHO because I'd be near the 
front of the queue to put my hand in my pocket to help fly more linear 
transponder RS type birds.

Kind Regards,
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