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Re: lower frequency downlinks

>From: "Al copland" <allan_gm1sxx@hotmail.com>
>These small craft although in LEO (I believe 1000Kms) put out cracking 
>signals and were very popular birds.

The history pages on the AMSAT-NA website indicate the orbit was 689 x 1709 
km with the sat's using a 1/4 wave whip on 10 metres.

Satellites with 2 metre up, 10 metre down linear transponders in either LEO 
- 1500km or MEO -4500 km orbits represent one of the best ways to attract 
newcomers to satellite working.

It's only with satellites on the lower bands that enable those restricted to 
indoor attic mounted antennas to participate in Amateur Satellites. 2.4 GHz 
downlinks simply don't work with indoor antennas which is why we need both 
types of satellite.

73 Trevor M5AKA
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