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Re: lower frequency downlinks

Hi Folks,

Andrew said..

>RS 10/11 and RS 12/13 were packages attached to larger Russian satellites 
>(whose proper names escape me at the moment). Both of these put out whopper 
>signals on 10m and 2m, but when power is cheap and easy, thats much easier 
>to do.
While it is certainly the case that RS10/11 and RS12/13 were 'parasite' 
packages flown attached to large spacecraft, other RS birds were not.

RS3-RS8 launched together on a small KOSMOS launcher (alongside RS1 & 2) 
were much smaller birds and although information is patchy, were probably 
based on the small STRELA satellite bus used by the Russian military for 
store-dump battlefield communications. They did not have the benefit of 
'stealing' power for a larger craft and were autonomous amateur radio birds 
with fairly small solar generators.  These small craft although in LEO (I 
believe 1000Kms) put out cracking signals and were very popular birds.
Much of course depends on whether you use a piece of wet string or a proper 
antenna on the ground:-)  Signal strength is a subjective issue.

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