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question: predicting SUITSAT

i used the pass prediction site -- AMSAT on-line pass prediction.

i am new to SAT.  but if i understand the pass prediction table - it is giving the time when the ISS will be above my coordinates.  Yes??

and i can use those times to approximate SUITSAT passage?  and no one knows how behind or ahead it will be, until an orbit path has begun, and at best there will be no exact time, due to the nature of launch, etc.

and the suggested (minimum antenna required) vertical antenna:  it should be a 90 degrees, or aim it like rabbit ear antenna;  if aim is the answer, how do i know what angle?  the elevation given on the chart is the angle????

in advance, thanks for the info and for allowing a "new-be" to post his inquiries.

Wade / K0KID trustee
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