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Re: lower frequency downlinks cont.

Once again this is an opinion from the perpesctive of a "newbie" but I'n not 
really understanding the concept of HF downlinks on an HEO. Seems backwards 
to me and that  we should be going the other direction. The higher the 
frequency, the smaller the antenna can be physically which makes it much 
easier to build high gain beam and dish antennas which will be easier to 
rotate and have less wind resistance, at least from the ground station. The 
satellite itself can also have superior antennas because they can be close 
to full size, if not full sized and be much more efficient. Just my opinion.
Michael W4HIJ
AMSAT #36017
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From: "T. P. McGrane" <n2oeq@netzero.net>
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Sent: Tuesday, January 31, 2006 11:59 AM
Subject: [amsat-bb] lower frequency downlinks cont.

> Hello again, de pat n2oeq
> Thanks for the technical info and noise graph.
> My real world experience is that I hear HF downlinks better than VHF and 
> especially UHF.
> And I'm using a 12 element X beam for UHF and have marginal reception.
> I would love to build and launch a satellite but I dont have the expertise 
> to do so. That is why I propose it to the group.
> I'm happy to donate to amsat for a universally usable satellite but not to 
> further the interests of a select few.
> Agree with the idea or reject it. If amsat is not interested, perhaps they 
> could share it with other groups who might be interested.
> Many thanks to all the amsat volunteers for echo and eagle. Just think 
> about lower frequency downlinks in the future and PLEASE raise the Echo 
> downlink power on UHF PHONE now and then.
> K.I.S.S.  73, pat
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