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Re: lower frequency downlinks


Along with a few others, I tested PSK31 on PCSAT-2.  10 meter up-link
and 145.825 down-link, was very difficult to keep the PSK signal tuned
along with the doppler shift even with NOVA and WispDDE.  So some work
needs to be done with PSK to compensate for doppler if it is going to
be used on satellites IMHO.

Jerry  -  K0HZI

On 1/30/06, fparker <fparker@paulbunyan.net> wrote:
    It has come to my attention that the Amsat Eagke is doing a review of the
 payload for Eagle.   Now is the time to contack Amsat and make your wishes
 known.    My desire is for a PSK31 HF transponder as I work mostly PSK31.   I
 have already put my two cents worth in.

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