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Re: lower frequency downlinks

Concerning the discussion on HF up- and/or down-links: Please note that 
all the amateur satellite hardware is designed and built and tested by 
volunteers. And volunteers have to arrange for all the launches (which 
aren't free anymore!) and the funding.

If you really serious about wanting to fly some particular payload, it 
is up to YOU to develop the program. Someone has to make sure that the 
hardware gets funded, built and tested, to arrange for it to be 
integrated with everything else that has to go into the spacecraft, and 
to convince all the other volunteers that it really is worth the effort 
and won't interfere with everything else that is onboard.

Or, in summary, AMSAT isn't a "you guys" organization, it is a "we" 
activity!   About 5 years ago, as AMSAT's resident curmudgeon, I gave a 
talk to the Balto/Wash AMSAT group that relates to the "you guys" vs 
"we" situation. Feel free to take a look at 

73 de Tom, K3IO (ex W3IWI)
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