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AO-51 Digital Success

Hello All:

I finally had some time to make an attempt to post my Greetings message on
the AO-51 BBS. On a nice high pass here tonight, I had a solid DCD light on
the Spirit-2 and the data flowed nicely. There were quite a few folks
waiting in line and I managed to get in. My message is posted as 1076 on the
directory. There were other Greetings posted and I was trying to get a fill
on a greeting message from a ham in France (101C I think), but I couldn't
get full directories. I have 21 holes in the directory, but at least I can
see the directory structure.

Gould, thanks for your great help. The antennas were dead on target - moving
them manually did nothing but make things worse. I discovered the
discriminator satellite meter setting on the FT-847 and this showed good
centering with SatPC32 running the radios. Wisp took over and connected
automatically and sent my message up - I think I was 5th in line. Now if I
can just get something completely downloaded that I can read ! HI I have
learned that the BBS does nothing unless you have a solid, non-flickering
DCD light on your TNC.

73, Jamie
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