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Re: suitsat SSTV software

MMSSTV by Mako Mori would probably be the obvious choice since it's free. It 
is an excellent piece of software also. I don't have a link but you can 
Google for it. Chromapix, which is my favorite, is a pay program that has 
all the bells and whistles but you probably don't need to pay for that.that 
unless you plan on doing other SSTV work. JVcomm is another. There is 
literally tons of stuff out there but MMSSTV is the only freebie I know of.
Michael W4HIJ
AMSAT # 36017
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Subject: [amsat-bb] suitsat SSTV software

> per the AMSAT home page
> "Amateur radio signals from the ISS can be received with a 2 meter 
> vertical antenna so an elaborate tracking system is not necessary. The 
> SSTV signal can be decoded with personal computer SSTV software after you 
> connect your computer to the speaker output of your radio."
> WHERE does one fine the SSTV software?
> tnx.  Wade  / K0KID trustee
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