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Re: Re: P3E launch in 2006?

> NASA Space Calender shows the P3E launch date is set at October 2006.
> http://www2.jpl.nasa.gov/calendar/
> I'm not sure its credibility...

I have informed the owner of the NASA Space Calender, that the published
"March 2006" launch date for P3-E is not correct.
Unfortunately this mis-leading information is still there.

In the meantime the solar generator for P3-E was finished and delivered
to our Integration Laboratory in Marburg. 5 panels (each Pmax = 35W)
were equipped with Si cells and 2 panels (each Pmax = 49W) with GaAs
cells. One panel is therefore in reserve. For the P3-E solar panels we
use for the first time a new material: Sandwich layers of aluminum
honeycomb material and a surface layer from glass fiber/epoxy resin in
6mm strength. The reason for this is, that the special honey honeycomb
material used in former times was only available when purchased in
enormous quantities and to exorbitant prices. By installing inserts with
an electrically conducting adhesive, the electrical conductivity is
secured by the aluminum structure of the honeycomb material.
Additionally thick cover glasses were attached, in order to protect the
solar cells against the rough conditions in space. For material and
expenditure for the production of the panels we had to pay an amount in
the order of six digits of Euros .

Further important activities concerned the assembly of the earth and sun
sensors, qualifications of the separation spring, final work on the
assembly of the solar panels, manufacturing the clamp band for the
separation system, preparing for building the wiring harness and various
technical meetings to finish the IHU-3 software and designing the new SDX.

I have to apologize that our Web pages are a little bit outdated. But as
mentioned in my previous eMail, the transfer of contents to our new CMS
system takes somewhat longer than hoped and more time is needed. On the
other hand, we currently have to concentrate our efforts to finishing P3-E.


Peter Guelzow, DB2OS
President AMSAT-DL
Project Leader P3-E
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