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Re: Fwd: Re: lower frequency downlinks

>I wonder the opposite of Patrick's question, namely:
>for what reasons do we continue to use 2m in P3E and Eagle?

Because as I hear repeatedly at hamfests, AO-10 and AO-13 operators want Mode B. Since they are willing to help pay for the satellite, we need to give them what they want in order to get their money.

We were _REALLY_ lucky that our forced* migration to 2.4 ghz on AO-40 coincided with the cheap availability of some rather excellent surplus gear that was as good or better than the commercial ham stuff being sold. While I think the 2.4 ghz downlink is superior to Mode B, there are certainly exceptions. People who live under trees comes to mind as a good example. While S isn't hard, it is slightly more complicated. I can understand from the Mode B operator that point of view too.

73, Drew KO4MA

* I mean forced only in the sense of the aftermath of the failure of the 2m and 70cm downlinks.
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