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Fwd: Re: lower frequency downlinks

Quoting "John B. Stephensen" <kd6ozh@comcast.net>:

> HF is also a problem on small satellites because of antenna size. A
> half-wavelength HF dipole is at least 16 feet long and Eagle is a 2
> foot
> cube. Shorter antennas are inefficient and waste power that is
> extremely
> expensive to generate in space. Such a large antenna makes the
> satellite
> difficult to control and deployment is a likely cause of failure. 2
> meter
> antennas push the limits on Eagle-class satellites.
> 73,
> John

Given these facts, and the argument in James Miller's paper,

I wonder the opposite of Patrick's question, namely:
for what reasons do we continue to use 2m in P3E and Eagle?

73, Bruce
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