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Kenwood TS-790 and KCT board

Good Evening,
I am very new to satellites. I have finally gotten most of the equipment 
together and working. Here is my station configuration:
Kenwood TS-790 with 1.2 GHz module.
        I do have a home brew RS-232 interface (not hooked up or being used)
Yaesu G-5400 rotor
Kansas City Tracker Board
        Configured with TTL logic
        013C is the address
        Radio is on channel 2 (from testing)
PC is a Windows 98 Machine
        No hardware conflicts that I can see.

The radio and rotor do get controlled by the KCT board. I see the rotor turn 
and the frequencies do change on the radio.  The MAJOR issue is when the KCT 
board takes over the radio, the radio starts switch between the MAIN and SUB 
VFO.  There is a very loud relay switching back and forth between the VFOs. 
The radio is not going into transmit.  There is no other meter movement.

What am I doing wrong?
Is it a setup issue?
Is it a hardware issue?

Any help would be GREAT!!
TNX es 73
Will NA2NA
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