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Centre frequencies for SSB birds and Full Doppler Tuning


I've been playing around with my options for computer-controlled full
doppler tuning using two radios. Ham Radio Deluxe now offers this option by
means of its synchroniser application, and I found it had many excellent
features. I'm now looking over the combination of SatPC32 and WispDDE,
which I believe many consider to be the gold standard.

I notice that in the CAT Tuning window for SatPC32, the centre frequencies
for the SSB birds are not exactly those listed in the Amsat satellite
listings at http://www.amsat.org/amsat-new/satellites/status.php For
instance, AO-7 mode B is listed in SatPC32 as 145.950 down and 432.1475 up,
whereas the uplink is 432.125 to 432.175 according to the amsat page. 

Are the SatPC32 values more accurate ones based on observation and experience? 

73, Bruce
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