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Change of Callsign

Many of you may recall that this past autumn my friend Ben Wright 
K9DID became a Silent Key.  You may have read about Ben in QST or in 
the AMSAT Journal, or may have read his article in CQ magazine called 
"It's All My Mother's Fault.".  He was a good friend and mentor to me 
and many other hams.

Ben was a long time AMSAT member, VEC and probably the nicest person 
anyone could every hope to meet on the air.  He was a great family 
man, loyal friend and fond of all of his ham acquaintances around the 
world.  We had some great times on AO-40, and an even better time 
when we did the eyeball QSO in the booth at Dayton this past year.

In Dayton Ben and I hatched a scheme as a practical joke where I 
would change my callsign suffix to "DID".  Ben had influenced many 
DIDs in amateur radio including AMSAT members K8DID Ron and K7DID 
Deanna (not to forget hams KA8DID Bonnie and K5DID Art) and he 
thought it would be "neat" to have me join them.  Unfortunately when 
Katrina hit the FCC closed down the vanity system and Ben passed 
before I could "DID" it.

When the FCC re-opened the vanity call system in January I submitted 
my application.  As of today the application was granted, and W0EEC 
is retired on the air.

I suspect it will take a bit longer to switch over email and the 
like, re-subscribe to mailing lists, etc.  I'm sure I'll fumble my 
callsign for a few days, but N1DID feels right for so many reasons.

I'll still be W0EEC administratively at AMSAT and keep the mail alias 
as long as feasible, so I hope the change won't impact any member services.

In lieu of sending me an email about the new email address please 
consider sending a contribution to AMSAT in Ben's name to one of the 
HEO projects (P3E, Eagle or just HEO in general).  He was very fond 
of AO-40 and I'm sure many of you worked him on that bird.  I have a 
strong feeling Ben would like to be remembered in either that way, or 
if you simply think of Ben the next time you Elmer someone.


Emily - N1DID

N1DID formerly W0EEC - CM87tm

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