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SatPC32 version 12.4a is released

Erich Eichmann DK1TB has released SatPC32 version 12.4a.  It's a minor 
update of interest mostly to those who use the FT-847 transceiver and/or 
G-5500 rotor.  Here is a summary of the changes:

1. With the south-centered 450-degree-rotor Yaesu G-5500 (or compatible) 
the new version supports the full 450-degree-range of that rotor. That 
avoids (even without using the "Flip" mode) in several cases the 360° 
turn the azimuth rotor has to run when the satellite crosses the 
observer's meridian in the North.

2. An additional set of larger 3D-maps is available. With the 3D-view 
the user can now choose 2 map sizes. To activate the new function the 
self-extracting file "Maps3D_2.Exe" must be unpacked in the new sub 
folder "Maps3D_2".

3. SatPC32ISS (the special program version for in-band operation with 
the ISS and other in-band satellites) now also supports the Yaesu 
FT-847. With previous versions this radio could not be steered. The 
revised file utilizes the solution of Don Woodward, KD4APP.

4. The number of selectable COM ports has been increased because several 
new PCI cards are using COM port numbers higher than 10.

A demo version of this program can be downloaded from the author's web 
site at http://www.dk1tb.de/indexeng.htm
The demo version is fully functional except that the user must enter 
their lat/lon every time the program is started.  The program can be 
made fully functional by purchasing a registration code from AMSAT-NA, 

SatPC32 registration codes and CDs can be purchased from the AMSAT 
online store.  http://www.amsat-na.com/category.php?c=Software
The 12.4a CD is not yet in stock, but it will be soon.  Owners of 
existing SatPC32 registration codes can use the code with this new 
version.  Contact me privately if you own a CD and want to upgrade, but 
don't have a registration code.

Erich Eichmann has donated this software as a fund-raiser for AMSAT.  If 
you use this software, please support AMSAT programs by purchasing a 
registration code.  Thanks!

Wayne Estes W9AE
Oakland, OR, USA
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