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Re: New ARRL President

Speaking from the point of view of a newcomer, I myself could not wait  to 
join AMSAT! I got the QRO membership which allowed me to get SatPC32 as a 
gift and I'm very happy with the first two issues of the journal that I've 
received. I thought it was a great deal and the right thing to do. I would 
suggest to anyone that is new to this facet of the hobby to join.
 It seems to me that we are all waiting with great anticipation for the next 
HEO and the only way to get that done is to pitch in. It may not be much but 
I intend to donate "what I can when I can"
Michael W4HIJ
AMSAT #36017
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> Gregg wrote:
>>The ARRL probably doesn't consider its business to be in the middle of any
>>particular organizations business.  Asking ARRL to promote AMSAT is like 
>>it to promote any one of a number of special interest groups or 
>>individuals who
>>have participated in the activities of amatuer radio.
> The difference is any other mode or aspect of the hobby will and can 
> continue on at the individual level regardless of the amount of support 
> (money) it enjoys from it's users. The ionosphere and all the great things 
> about HF, and all the cool things done at VHF+ except satellite, don't 
> require a group to foot the bill.
> Like Kevin pointed out, there are too many satellite users that seem to 
> have money to build AO-40 class super stations, and those that inhabit 
> every FM Leo pass, but for some reason won't join or support AMSAT. We as 
> a group need to figure out why this is, and how we can improve the 
> situation.
> 73, Drew KO4MA
> AMSAT #33438
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