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Re: New ARRL President

Roger wrote:

>It is disconcerting to me to see what I consider as the ARRL giving short
>shrift to the Satellite service and AMSAT in general.
>Perhaps they consider the two organizations as competitors in the same pool
>for members?
>I guess I'm looking for enlightenment from a new face, and in no way intend
>to criticize his accomplishments but rather to tap his expert opinions.

I agree entirely with you, Roger, regarding the ARRLORGANIZATION, as 
a whole... I don't know Joel,   but a lot of good friends, as most of 
us do that are ARRL members, some AMSAT, some both, but obviously their choice.

It appears as tho ARRL does little or NOTHING to support Amateur 
Satellite Operations.

They support GLORIOUSLY  the shuttle flights and  NASA as though that 
had something to do with AMATEUR satellites!!

Not true at the beginning, and for OSCAR 1 and for perhaps, best I 
can remember ~1983 , about the time of the first shuttle.  It is the 
way I learned...

It is the way a lot of us learned about satellites, but today ARRL 
does little or nothing concerning AMATEUR radio satellites...A 
beginner today would learn NOTHING about AMATEUR radio satellites, 
from the ARRL...

But a debt of gratitude for the early years...

            73, Dave wb6llo@amsat.org
                    Disagree: I learn....

               Pulling for P3E... 
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