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Re: New ARRL President

Roger Kolakowski wrote:
> Maybe my initial post was a little rugged, and truthfully I am not a staunch
> supporter of ARRL, even though I count George Wilson, W4OYI, former
> president , as one of my best friends.

As I hope everyone realizes, an organization is no better than its active 
members.  Being a member is only part of the puzzle.  If you have no interest in 
promoting your ideals, then you'll likely not see those reflected in the 
organizations ideals.

The ARRL probably doesn't consider its business to be in the middle of any 
particular organizations business.  Asking ARRL to promote AMSAT is like asking 
it to promote any one of a number of special interest groups or individuals who 
have participated in the activities of amatuer radio.  I don't think that is 
ARRLs job.  It should promote Amatuer Radio activities in general, and if you 
send in an article for publication in QST, then you can get in line with all the 
  other interests that would like to promote themselves or their 

AMSAT can stand on its own, and should.  If you don't think it can stand on its 
own, then perhaps there is not sufficient membership that cares about what 
happens with AMSAT?

Gregg Wonderly
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