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Re: FIRST CONTACT (for me)

Quoting n3wwn@futuretek.cx:

> Regarding SO-50, I've listened a dozen or so times and have never heard
> anything on the downlink, but haven't tried activating the repeater.

In my experience, SO-50 does not transmit at all unless someone transmits
on the uplink, and even then there is a small delay. For this reason, I
found it hard to work with a handheld outside. With a rotatable antenna
indoors, I find it quite fun. Furthermore, as indicated elsewhere, it must
be activated with a 74.4 Hz tone. (Note for future transponder builders:
some timeout indicator, perhaps via an unusual tone or 'chime' in the
downlink, would help users know when they need to reset the timer.)

73, Bruce 
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