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Were you just listening today only?

If so, there wasn't much activity.
Appears the radio was off, or on a wrong frequency.
There was some packet and VOICE from Bill McArthur this morning.
I live in California, so I get to see and hear most of what you do.
I usually hear 35 different packet stations a day, talked to Bill on
several occasions and worked the VHF/UHF repeater.

Look at www.issfanclub.com for the LATEST ACTIVITY.
It is EASY, because there are real time reports from all around the world.
I wish I had the internet and spotting back in the old days.
Makes it like shooting fish in a barrel now.

Second question, Are you using a rubber duckie antenna or a real one?

As of this writing, there is NO activity coming out of ISS.
Packet is the "normal" mode of operation, BUT Bill McArthur has
Worked All States, and 77 countries, so he is on the air regularly!

Oh... if you didn't know the frequency, listen to 145.800 FM.
This is where you listen for ANY activity.

Again...   www.issfanclub.com for the latest news and info.

Hope to talk to you via ISS!

73, Scott

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> Thank you Patrick and Kenneth for the information.
> I have now been looking around for any signs of the ISS when it passes 
> over
> and haven't heard a peep at all, is there any packet/APRS or voice
> operations active at all?
> I know they have been doing personal contacts recently.
> I too am in the phoenix Metro area {Avondale}maybe it just hasn't been 
> good
> passes?
> Are there any other FM birds up there?
> Sorry to sound like I am new at this, just haven't messed with it in a 
> long
> time.
> I did run APRS a year ago a couple times off the ISS.
> http://www.kb7tbt.com
> DM33
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