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Re: NA vs EU co-visibility on FO-29

On 24 Jan 2006 at 18:56, i8cvs wrote:

> Hi Luc, VE2DWE
> Actually descending orbits of FO-29 are better than the ascending one
> because the acquisition between you and Europe fall around  MA=130
> very close to the apogee so that the footprint is the maximum available.
> For the ascending orbits FO-29 is actually in range for you and Europe at
> MA =60 and the footprint is smaller.
> The eccentricity of FO-29 is large and the orbit is not very circular.
> From my locator JN70ES I got QSO with W1FC but with you it will be
> easier.
> Do you use a 3.3 meters dish for 70 cm ?.....only 20 dBi of gain and a
> yagi is more appropriate.
> Best 73" de
> i8CVS Domenico
Hi Domenico

Yes it is a 3.3 m dish with a triband patch feed I copy a ?Z7PCF on this pass a 
low one signal was about 52. I have a UHF 7 elements waiting to be tested as 
sson WX will improve it will be less directional and easy to manoever with LEO.

I send you a picture of the dish in his "summer configuration"

"It is not the class of license the amateur holds, but the class of the amateur 
that holds the license."

Luc Leblanc VE2DWE
AMSAT 33583
Skype VE2DWE
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