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Re: Re: AO-7 CODESTORE test opportunity

Hi Mike,

Thanks for the reply. From the various posts I've found on the subject
of controlling AO-7, it wasn't clear that anyone now has the wherewithal
to transmit commands.

I agree completely that no test invoking even the slightest doubt should
be attempted when the next "system reset" is many weeks away.

I have no way to know whether the command set allows the CODESTORE
memory to be refreshed (or the 24 hour timer to be reset) without
running the risk of disrupting other operations.

If my guess is correct that the intermittent carrier I hear is the
CODESTORE circuit (instead of the TLM circuit) controlling the CW
beacon, the CODESTORE circuit is already on - I haven't heard any
telemetry since the bird came out of eclipse.

The timing of my posting the question was inspired by the one advantage 
of refreshing the memory with the bird under continuous power - the
uploaded message would persist for more than one orbit.

Now for a safer question. Since the "resurrection" of AO-7, has anyone 
looked at the schematics of the 24 hour timer, the BCR, and the 
transponder control circuitry in an attempt to explore the causes of the 
seasonal mode preferences? As a practicing EE, I volunteer to join any 
team that may be pursuing this question.


Steve N3TE
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