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Re: AO-7 CODESTORE test opportunity

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From: "Steve Fick" <n3te@amsat.org>
Subject: [amsat-bb] AO-7 CODESTORE test opportunity

> For 62% (176/286) of the passes in which I've heard the beacon, its
> output was an interrupted carrier which I speculate is the CODESTORE
> circuit playing back random data "frozen" in RAM on powerup. Now that
> continuous power is available, this theory (and another piece of AO-7
> hardware) could be tested by uploading a test message. Is this a

Hi Steve,

Possibly, but let me explain.

So far the CodeStore has not been tested (to my knowledge) since the
"resurrection" of AO-7. This may not be the best to do that testing. The
reason is that it could render the satellite inoperable until the next

I tested the RTTY system a while back. When it was activated, it only
generated a solid carrier. This carrier suddenly got weaker and weaker until
the S/C went silent! I theorized that the carrier required more power than
what the solar cells alone could generate. As a consequence, AO-7 went
silent for that orbit! It did reset when it came out of eclipse. (sigh of

If a similar situation occurred during attempts to operate the CodeStore, we
could conceivably loose the S/C until the next eclipse. I deem this to be an
unacceptable risk at this time. Let's enjoy the old girl while we have full
illumination. We should have plenty of time to tinker with the CodeStore
once we reenter periods of eclipse.

There is one command I do wish to try soon. That is to attempt to reset the
24 hour timer.

Mike, N1JEZ
"A closed mouth gathers no feet"
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