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R: ISS Contact's log...

OK... Thanks to those that have replied my message...

I'll send for a QSL... Keeping finger crossed! :-)

The contact was good, even if brief, with a very strong signal coming from
the ISS...

A bit of luck did the trick... together with the great passion that
Commander McArthur is developping in Ham Radio...

We should vote for make him stay for another expedition or two, if he wants!

I've made my contact Saturday roughly at noon local time (UTC+1), on the
frequencies designed for EU... Downlink 145.800, Uplink 145.200 +/-

My conditions are actually quite NON-Sat oriented, since I work with a
simple Diamond Dula Band Collinear Vertical and the TS-2000...

Tracking made with Ham Radio Deluxe, and I believe this PRG was the key to
the successful QSO... being in a densely populated area, I don't think I
would have made the contact without the accurate doppler correction
performed by HRD... I've read all sorts of horror stories about the receiver
on the ISS being very picky in crowdy conditions, so I decided to rely onto
full automated QRG correction...

Comm. McArthur was calling some specific EU prefixes evidently missing in
his DXCC collection, but found some seconds to reply my calls (... I must
admit, quite a few calls during the very good pass I had...)... so I'm very
grateful... I just hope he actually logged me.

Good Luck, everybody and best DX! 73 de Joe, IW7ECJ
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