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OSCARLocator Photo Gallery

I've a few projects I need to attend to and will be out of town for 
two weeks during the first two week of February, so I won't have the 
time to set up a permanent OSCARLocator gallery before March.  But 
I've set up a temporary photo gallery for people to upload photos of 
their OSCARLocators and other early satellite tracking systems.

The gallery is located at:

A few tips and rules:

1) To upload photos you must login (not required to view the 
gallery).  The login is OSCAR (all upper case) and the password is 
seven (all lower case).
2) Before uploading photos it's a good idea to resize them to 800 x 
600.  This will make sure that the upload time (2min) isn't exceeded.
3) After uploading, edit the caption.  Please include your name and 

New photos are added to the end of the gallery so you might have to 
page back to find your upload.

This is self-policing, so if you find any uploads that are 
inappropriate please let me know via email so I can remedy the situation.



W0EEC - CM87tm

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