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RE: AO40Rcv Wave File

Hi Geo

> In an effort to promote HEO satellites I'm planning to demonstrate
> AO-40 Telemetry Receiver to a group of hams.
> I have plenty of raw/.tlm files and they work fine, but can't find any
> Wave Files. If anyone can point me to a source I would appreciate it very
> much. I'm sure I had some wave files but where are they!!??.

You might want to try this http://www.g6lvb.com/paqbpsk.exe. This is a PC
version of the code we have running on the embedded DSP SDX/STELLA
transponder. It generates non-FEC real time 400bps BPSK A frames, and you
will see that the date and time reflect UTC time. The rest of the data is
dummy. It will decode using AO40Rcv either through a wired connection, or by
selecting the Stereo or Mono mix in Window's recording control. (It actually
generates a quadrature output, but that still decodes fine on AO40Rcv).

73, Howard G6LVB
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