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Re: Easy? (was Re: AO-7 Predictability.)

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From: w4mvb@juno.com
Date:  Thu, 19 Jan 2006 11:38:30 -0500

>>I watch with interest, the newcomers who agonize over the "best" rig for
>satellite operations.  You really don't need a lot to get on the LEO
>birds and I believe that simple is better for inexperienced operators. We
>have a large number of stations on the analog birds now that can't get on
>frequency with the super doppler tracking rigs because the offset is not
>correct.  I don't think we had as many problems like that when everyone
>was using separate rigs for transmit and receive.  Even with the new rigs
>I think the new operators are selling themselves short by not starting
>out in manual split mode of operation.  After you operate that way for
>awhile you get a very good feel for how the doppler affects the uplink
>and downlink signals and what it sounds like. 

I couldn't agree more.  I have had a satellite frequency tracking rig (Kenwood TS2000) and I really didn't find the tracking feature all that useful, because you have to turn it off once you make contact, as you need to adjust the receive by itself to adjust for the doppler shift.  ALso, the tracking wasn't correct at the beginning of the pass due to doppler shift.

I am now running a Yaesu FT100D for the UHF side of AO7/FO29/VO52 and an Icom 706 original for the 2 meter side.  This seems to work better in most cases. I just set a memory in each for the center of the passband, and if I need to adjust my transmit or receive, a quick string of dits will do that with no problem.  The bonus feature is that I still have a rig to use on the non-satellite frequencies if one has to go into the shop.

73s John NE0P 

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