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Re: Easy? (was Re: AO-7 Predictability.)

For awhile I used an Icom-215 tapping the 10.7 IF to a FRG-100 HF receiver
to copy AO-10 on 2m.
My first AO-10 setup was an IC211 on 2m and a TS-180S driving a MMT-432/28
xvtr (5w).
Good ole days...NOT.  You can't have my FT-847, sorry!

73's Ed - KL7UW

At 08:18 PM 1/18/2006 -0800, John W Lee wrote:
>Beginner is right! 
>There weren't too many folks to ask for info, either.   I still have
>(I think)  OScarlocators for  Oscar 6,7,8,  RS5-6-7-8, and AO-10
>around here. All home made from tracings in QST, World Radio, etc. 
>For those of you who don't remember any of this,  they would publish
>the equatorial crossing time and degrees of longitude of the first pass
>of each day.  Then you used that information to set your "Oscarlocator"
>and the rest was sort of like a  round slide rule!
>W1AW transmitted this information in the bulletins also.  As long as you 
>had that information you could figure the rest out for yourself. 
>Actually those old birds were more "easysat" than the new ones. 
>You didn't need anything special to work them. At that time (mid-
>1970's) it seems that EVERYBODY had  H.F. gear and some sort
>of  2 meter FM box or old 2 meter rig of some kind could be found 
>easily that could at least transmit CW.  That and just about any antenna 
>for 2 and 10 meters, and you were in business!  The variety of radios
>used was amazing.  WW2 surplus, converted FM rigs, transverters, homebrew
>transmitters, preamps, etc. of every kind you can imagine. 
>Pretty exciting stuff!  
>John,  K6YK
>On Wed, 18 Jan 2006 11:33:06 -0800 Emily Clarke <emily@clarke-design.com>
>> At 11:04 AM 1/18/2006, Dave Guimont wrote:
>> >After seeing the fun a lot of us are having with Oscar 7 (some of 
>> us 
>> >for 31 years!) I cannot imagine why anyone would want to launch 
>> >another FM (other than digital) satellite under the guise of "it's 
>> a 
>> >beginner's satellite!!"   There were very few of us that were NOT 
>> >BEGINNERS then!!
>> Thanks Dave - in this entire debate about "easy sats" this is one 
>> point that could put the debate to rest.   Not only were most 
>> operators beginners, they didn't have the advantage of computerized 
>> tracking, computer control and rigs that were designed for use with 
>> satellites.  As much as I thought AO-40 was going to be difficult 
>> once I got on AO-40 I found it very easy to operate even with 
>> completely manual control.
>> 73,
>> Emily
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Ed - KL7UW  
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432-EME: FT-847, mgf-1402, 1x21-ele (18.6 dBi), 60w
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