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Re: Easy? (was Re: AO-7 Predictability.)

Beginner is right! 

There weren't too many folks to ask for info, either.   I still have
(I think)  OScarlocators for  Oscar 6,7,8,  RS5-6-7-8, and AO-10
around here. All home made from tracings in QST, World Radio, etc. 
For those of you who don't remember any of this,  they would publish
the equatorial crossing time and degrees of longitude of the first pass
of each day.  Then you used that information to set your "Oscarlocator"
and the rest was sort of like a  round slide rule!
W1AW transmitted this information in the bulletins also.  As long as you 
had that information you could figure the rest out for yourself. 

Actually those old birds were more "easysat" than the new ones. 
You didn't need anything special to work them. At that time (mid-
1970's) it seems that EVERYBODY had  H.F. gear and some sort
of  2 meter FM box or old 2 meter rig of some kind could be found 
easily that could at least transmit CW.  That and just about any antenna 
for 2 and 10 meters, and you were in business!  The variety of radios
used was amazing.  WW2 surplus, converted FM rigs, transverters, homebrew
transmitters, preamps, etc. of every kind you can imagine. 

Pretty exciting stuff!  

John,  K6YK

On Wed, 18 Jan 2006 11:33:06 -0800 Emily Clarke <emily@clarke-design.com>
> At 11:04 AM 1/18/2006, Dave Guimont wrote:
> >After seeing the fun a lot of us are having with Oscar 7 (some of 
> us 
> >for 31 years!) I cannot imagine why anyone would want to launch 
> >another FM (other than digital) satellite under the guise of "it's 
> a 
> >beginner's satellite!!"   There were very few of us that were NOT 
> >BEGINNERS then!!
> Thanks Dave - in this entire debate about "easy sats" this is one 
> point that could put the debate to rest.   Not only were most 
> operators beginners, they didn't have the advantage of computerized 
> tracking, computer control and rigs that were designed for use with 
> satellites.  As much as I thought AO-40 was going to be difficult 
> once I got on AO-40 I found it very easy to operate even with 
> completely manual control.
> 73,
> Emily
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