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Satellite tracking et al

After reading all these posts about "easy-sats", computer tracking 
and auto Doppler correction, I thought I'd dig out some of the old 
stuff. So i dug out my 1990 copy of " The Satellite Experimenters 
Handbook ", looked up Appendix C-1, 'Tracking Data and Overlays'.... 
It looked like double-dutch, I've forgotten how to fabricate and use 
the Oscar-Locator!. I always seemed to be able to find AO-7 in its 
heyday ( first time round ) but I shudder to think how long I used to 
spend, working out when the next usable window would be. Todays pace 
of life just doesn't seem to have a time slot available to do all 
these 'computer' things that we now now take for granted, that we now 
call " Computer Station Control"... Even the Log-Book was paper and pen...
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