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CW on AO-7.

        Re: Mike's N1JEZ's suggestion on the possibility of a TLM pane in 
the AO-7 log, you said ...

>My concern is that it wouldn't be used by people very much.

I endorse that, my experience on this side of the pond is that there are 
only a handfull of people who use CW on AO-7 ... this despite the 
recommended operating proceedure paragraphs.

I imagine this is due to the earlier licence changes ... (no-code license 
holders) ... so such a pane would be used rarely at best. The most reliable 
way is probably the dedicated AO-7 CW afficiondos ... (stand up! the eejit 
who "volunteered" LA2QAA) ... collecting telemetry in the good old fashioned 
way ... plus ... LA2QAA is probably the only one daft enough to sit there 
every 15 minutes ... (the timer increment) ... to perform this mundane ... 
(but interesting for others?) ... task.

As I mentioned in an earlier mail, clobbering the satellite with too much 
power puts the beacon in "silly" mode anyway ... (read: "squawk" "squawk" 
"squawk") ... and then, even my *BIG* ears can make no sense of 2C.

Having said that, I'm all for an extra pane on the log page dedicated to the 
timer TLM, particularly if it converts the input code to a human readable 
mode ... but as I explained to a gentleman who mailed me off reflector ... 
we already have that ... just look in the log to see who's been working 
whom, when and in which mode.

"The AO-7 RESOURCE PAGE" will tell you just about everything you need to 
know about this grand Old Lady old Space ... BUT YOU HAVE TO READ WHAT'S 
WRITTEN THERE ... click the links folks, click the links.

2C or not 2C ... that is the question.....William Shakespeare.

73 John.   <la2qaa@amsat.org>
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