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Re: AO-7 Predictability.

At 05:43 AM 1/18/2006, Mike Seguin wrote:

>Guess it's time for me to "weigh in" on the situation.

Thanks Mike!

>Here's an explanation of the 24 Hr Timer from Jan, W3GEY (with a comment
>thrown it from me)
>AO-7 has a 24 hour timer that is a simple CMOS oscillator and a long chain
>of divide by 2 FFs.  The logic simply picks off various clock rates that it
>needs.  At the end of the chain is a one pulse per day logic output.

Both Jan and Tom Clark have indicated that the key to the 24 hour 
timer is that the voltage to the controls remain above 3 
volts.  However I have read comments from both that conceivably this 
could be reset by some overly strong signals (full key down is one 
comment I heard).  Have you had any comments to that effect?

I have observed a switch from Mode B to Mode C under these 
conditions, which I think is also normal based on voltage 
sensed.  However it's not clear how instantaneous this change may be, 
although it seems to me to be instantaneous.

>Perhaps Emily could put up something on the AO-7 page so folks could record
>any observations of Telemetry Channel 2C??

I will be happy to do that.  The comment field is definitely not 
useful for recording that, but adding a new field will not take very long.

Perhaps I should also add a "TML Observed" field so people could 
enter their CW, and the website would return it all decoded.  I don't 
know if I can do that before I leave (for 2 weeks in the beginning of 
February) but I will look into it.  My concern is that it wouldn't be 
used by people very much.  If someone requests it, I'll add it.



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