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Re: AO-7 Predictability.

Mr Seguin, Sir!,
                     Hi Mike,
                                 It's been a long time since we spoke, I 
can't recall offhand if it was on AO-13 or RS-12.

Yes, I've had a mail from Jan again ... I don't know if you know but GM1SXX 
and myself did some extensive experimenting a couple of years ago re: the 
effects of the BMEWS because we were of the opinion that Karl's old filter 
wouldn't have much effect against the modern pulses beamed out from RAF 
Fylingdales  on the Yorkshire Moors, Thule, Greenland and Alaska.

However, that's beside the point ... before Emily puts something on the AO-7 
page we need to really get the message across re: QRP because wholloping the 
old girl (AO-7!!!) with too much power just puts the beacon in "silly" mode.

I'm doing my best to "educate" folks re: the power situation on this side of 
the pond.

I'm fully aware of your ministrations a few year ago Mike but read between 
the lines and kept me' gob shut ... (colloquial "Manchester" for "kept 
quiet") ... what we don't! need is the "ME TOO!" brigade playing pseudo 

An experienced ear can usually tell what's going on just by listening to the 
power levels.

Good to hear from you again Mike mate.

73 John.   <la2qaa@amsat.org>
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