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Re: AO-51 SSB/FM mode

Quoting Andrew Glasbrenner <glasbrenner@mindspring.com>:

> OK, some clarification.
> The AO-51 control operator had to reduce the audio level from the SSB
> receiver to the FM transmitter because stations were heard using
> excessive power on the uplinks resulting in distortion and other
> problems with the downlink. 
> Regardless, I made contacts on the 0142 pass  with KI4HXT, N5UXT, and
> W8EH with 2.5 watts to an Arrow antenna from a FT-817, and using a
> TH-F6A for receive. I was the weakest of the stations heard. So...here's
> the deal, if you are running more than 5 watts on this uplink from a
> home station, you are running too much power. Let's all take this
> opportunity to see just how QRP we can go, and give the little guys a
> chance.

Thanks, Drew, for this information. Today it seemed that my usual 5w into a
4 el. horizontal yagi did reasonably well. Perhaps yesterday I lost out in
the polarization lottery :-) Eventually I found a uplink frequency that
worked for me, in the process giving WB8OTH, Perry, a hard time.

I think it is worth pointing out to those who are thinking of making the
leap from AO-51 to the SSB birds and who are listening in to this mode that
working SSB/FM on AO-51 is a much greater challenge to one's operating
skills than the SSB birds such as VO-52 and FO-29. This is because AO-51
SSB/FM forces you to hit one frequency only; the SSB birds have passbands,
and if your uplink frequency is a bit off, you can tune the downlink and

73, Bruce 
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