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Re: Observe * SUITSAT * with MSN messenger chat group!

JoAnne Maenpaa wrote:

> Perhaps others can offer suggestions for other IRC clients for operating
> systems other than Windows ...

I like XChat on Linux; for those who prefer character-mode irssi is well 
thought of by many. Windows users might prefer the Chatzilla extension 
for Firefox. GAIM also has support for IRC, and is cross-platform 
Linux/Windows/OSX (see Darwinports for the OSX version).

mIRC seems to be "THE Windows program for IRC", but IMHO that's not 
really a deserved reputation; not all that long ago it was at least as 
leaky securitywise as MSFT Internet Explorer.

mIRC may be better these days.

  73 de Maggie K3XS

Editor, Phil-Mont Mobile Radio Club Blurb - http://www.phil-mont.org
Elecraft K2 #1641
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