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RE: Observe * SUITSAT * with MSN messenger chat group!

Hi AJ,

> Mind sharing what it is? :-)

If you're new to Internet Relay Chat you'll need to download a program.  For
windows users one of the more common chat clients is a shareware program
called mIRC, see: (http://www.mirc.com).

1. Load the IRC program on your computer.

2. The AMSAT chat is on the server named irc.dishnuts.net.  The command line
to get on this server is /server irc.dishnuts.net ... or you can add it to
the server list after you have the opportunity to figure out all the
features of the software.

3. Once connected to the IRC server (irc.dishnuts.net) you can join the
AMSAT chat channel with the /join #amsat command ... ya need the / and #.

This is one corner of the internet where some AMSATers hang out.  Tuesday
evenings at 2000 Central time you can even check into the Houston AMSAT Net
in this IRC channel.

Perhaps others can offer suggestions for other IRC clients for operating
systems other than Windows ...

Drop me a line if you have any questions ...

73 de JoAnne WB9JEJ
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